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New Hobby ?? Hopefully :)

9 Jul

Sooo…i guess this is the beginning of my blog 🙂 ii orignally started a blog on tumblr a yr ago but i never used it, && recently i decided to start blogging regularly because i need a new hobby…soooo tired of facebook and instagram lol For some reason tho, my computer at work is anti-tumblr; it just does not open the website. So I just started a new blog on wordpress . . . so far, i love the layout and i can find my way around this site easily. So no complaints here … YET ! Anyhoot . . . i need a new hobby so i’ve just decided to start writing about. . .well. . .stuff -_- idk i just started reading some GREAT books recommended by my sister and i’ve seen some great movies and i’ve just randomly decided to start writing about it … && I started my DREAM internship at the EPA this summer and its going well, i might talk about that also. IDK we’ll see….we’ll see how long this blogging thing lasts ………